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Our mission is to make knowledge about the human gut microbiome accessible to everyone. Scientists start learning more and more about this powerful resource of human health, but it takes very long for doctors and eventually patients to get access to this knowledge and use it to improve our well-being. Our microbial data analysis experts use data integration, machine and deep learning and computational systems biology to make the world's hidden secrets available for you!

Our Projects

Personalized Gut Microbiome Analysis App

Support Health Experts to take better Decisions for your Well Being

To make personalized treatment available to health conscious people like you, we are developing an app in cooperation with doctors, health practitioners and nutritionists. The gut microbiome has been shown to impact not only the general well-being, fitness level, mood and energies of people, but also serious diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Diabetes and even Alzheimer's disease. We generally know, that a good microbial gut diversity supports resistance to smaller issues and infections, but which specific bacteria one has to cultivate is depending on many personal circumstances. Our app is helping you (and your healer) to understand your personal circumstances and act accordingly. Recommended actions can include a personal combination of probiotics, vitamins or simple dietary suggestions. You will be amazed how much can be done without synthetic drugs by simply listening to your personal gut, aka analyzing your personal gut microbiome.

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Gut Microbiota Database: mibdX

The Source of Wisdom about Gut Bacteria!

For being able to make personalized suggestions on probiotics and other bacteria-related health issues, one has to know the meaning and properties of individual bacteria. We collected the wisdom of scientists about the microbiota in the gut which we are using for our analyzes and recommendations. We believe that everyone should be empowered to take good decisions about their own health and therfore decided to make all that collected data available for free.

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Microbiome Health Studies

Atopic Dermatitis in Children

We have seen children being healed from atopic dermatitis by caring well about their gut health. Unortunately, doctors are still on an experimental path and their only treatment options are various types of cremes at this point. With our methods health experts gain the power to study the problems of our youngest without needles or any other invasive procedures. An extensive analysis of stool samples of healthy and diseased children allows them to develop therapies that parents can trust to be non-harmful of potential side effects. Our methods are purely based on the wholistic approach combined with powerful machine learning algorithms and data analysis.

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Human Microbiome Awareness

Learn about the power of your gut

Did you know that most cells of our body are non-human? Many people do not know that bacteria are playing such an important role for us. They are our microbiome and most of them live in the gut. This also means that it is essential to keep the gut helathy so that we can stay healthy ourselves, or bring the gut back into a good balance, when we are not. It is common knowledge, that healthy food is... well, healthy! With our educational program (YouTube Channel, Blog and Instagram) we want to create awareness among the population about this and give all the interesting insights that scientists found in an easily understandible way.

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Our Founders

Dr. Anna-Maria Liebhoff

Life Changer
Computational Neuroscience and Immunology
: TUHH, Airbus, UKE, JHU

Dr. Raza-Ur Rahman

Scientist and Entrepreneur
Computational Systems Biology
: DZNE, UKE, Harvard, Broad


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